ICU Ventilator

  • Air compressor support.
  • Day and night mode change.
  • With air compressor (optional).
  • Automatic alarm setting adjusting.
  • Flow (optional) and pressure trigger.
  • Humidifier with temperature adjustment.
  • With TFT display for ventilation parameters.
  • Assistant Nebulization treatment / O2 therapy.
  • Self testing and calibration with faulty code display.
  • Professional separate non-invasive module, support leakage compensation.
  • Multi-mode ventilation function (IPPV, SIMV, PSV, PCV, CPAP, A/C, BIPAP, APRV,SIPPV,SIGH).
  • Removable 15 inch large touch screen, hang-up type that allows the operator to hang the screen pad wherever requires.